Steamy Days & Sultry Nights

In honor of Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, and the beginning of Lent I wanted to share with you a series of black and white photographs I made about ten years ago while visiting New Orleans for the first time.

I made this series of cemetery crosses while in New Orleans in the heat of the summer one hot and humid August {many years before Hurricane Katrina left her mark on the city}.  The steamy days and sultry nights only added to the allure of this magical city.  This was the first vacation my soon to be husband and I took together.  I asked him to join me on this adventure as my photo assistant and he gladly obliged.

It was  one of the most decadent trips I had ever taken ~ from the photo opportunities, to the fresh oysters and scrumptious food, jazzy tunes made by street side saxophone artists, gorgeous architecture and gardens, colourful people, and a palm reader who told me what my future would be ~ everything was truly hedonistic ~ classic New Orleans in all aspects.

It captivated me and my camera.  I did not have a digital camera at that time and was toting around my original Canon SLR, all the gear, and about six rolls of film.  These photographs were made with Kodak black and white film and have not been retouched in any way.

These crypts, crosses, and tombs are in Saint Louis Cemetery on the outskirts of the French QuarterI did not dare to journey into these gates alone ~ my photo assistant was there to protect me from all the voodoo spirits and ghosts as I carefully tip toed onto the sacred spots and shot each image.

{This is my favorite.}

Because these photographs have such a special meaning to me and my husband, I matted them postage stamp style {large mat, small image} and have them hanging as a group in our bedroom.  It’s a wonderful remembrance of our first adventure together in a beautiful city.  

Hope you all had a fabulous Fat Tuesday.

Warm wishes for a peaceful Lenten Season.
Thanks to all of you for your visit.

Ciao amici,

~ ~ ~

Celebrating with some of these friends this week.


Shirley said...

Oh I love these photo's..So gothic looking. I love old cemeteries and walk in them a lot. We did visit one in the south when we went to Georgia..but, these photo's are very nice. Could not play the video...

Margie said...

I love New Orleans. Been quite a few times. Headed there in April for the Quarter Fest. Can't wait for Muffaletta sandwiches from Central Grocery and beignets from Cafe Dumont!! Whoa boy! My camera will be at the ready.

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Thank you Shirley and Margie. Have a fabulous trip Margie and make lots of wonderful photos.

Shirley ~ not sure what you meant about a video then opened my blog up in Internet Explorer 7 and saw two posted here. I composed in Firefox due to Blogger issues and have no idea where the videos came from! Thanks for your note ~ I've corrected the problem and hope it won't happen again.


Beth said...

These are so moving Suzanne. What a beautiful city. Every Ash Weds I reread T.S. Eliot's poem. Great art inspired by such an intensely spiritual day.

Julie L. Light said...

I adore New Orleans and I can't wait to go back! The last time we visited was right before Katrina so we are due for another trip. I want to tour the cemeteries next time I go and we always have to eat at Mother's Restaurant...
Have a fabulous weekend!

Kay Ellen said...

Film captivates the mood of the photos:)

Wonderful that you matted and framed them...
Thank you for sharing.

Have a blessed Sunday,
Kay Ellen

very merry vintage style said...

Your photos are beautiful--what a beautiful way to remember your trip! Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday--hope you'll be back this week!

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