The Prettiest Winter White

Drops of white crystal light...




...and are some of the prettiest winter whites of them all.

So are these...

I invite you to join me on Christmas Eve for an open house.  Please come. 

And before then, take the White Wednesday tour and be inspired.

Ciao amici,


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Love all your winter whites, my friend...although I really like white no matter what the season is! Wishing you a safe and healthy holiday season and all the best for 2011!

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

Gorgeous chandelier and LoVe the collage! Found you on Faded Charm. Merry Christmas!


The chandelier is yummy yummy!

Merry Christmas,

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Merry Christmas blog friends! Thank you so much for your visit.

craftymarta said...

Placere! Such an honor to meet a such a great scholar. Your photography is to die for and so all your ideas and creations. I'm going to have a better look as soon as I post your comment. I'm so glad you find me and that way I could find you. Have a Merry Christmas and happy blogging, ciao, Marta.

Kay Ellen said...

I saw your beautiful photos on flickr..but wanted to stop by to say Merry Christmas :))

Have a blessed holiday with your family Suzanne.

Kay Ellen

Anonymous said...

Cara Suzanne,

Just love the winter white. Had a good glimpse from my Stockholm visit. Polar climate. Loved it. You would love it too, I'm sure! You are such a brilliant photographer!
Back to African winds and rain in Umbria. Trying to create some atmosfera per le feste natalizie. Bacione, cara! Ingrid

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Marta ~ Buon Natale! Thank you for your lovely comments. I am happy to know you too.

Kay Ellen ~ It's always great to hear from you. Merry Christmas and love to you.

Ingrid ~ Oh I have missed you. Buon Natale mi amica! You will no doubt create gorgeous holiday atmosphere in your home. Bacione bella!

Love to all,

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