Happy Mother's Day

Although Mother's Day has become so commercial in recent years, as a relatively new Momma, I thoroughly rejoice in the happiness of the pride gleeming in my little man's sparkling eyes when he shows me a flower pot he painted and card he made just for me.

I love the celebration ~ however, I am sure I will one day tell him, "Oh honey, you don't have to send me a card" or "don't spend your money on flowers" or something like that. But for now, I like it!

Wishing my Mom...

...and my husband's Mom

a very happy Mother's Day. You are loved.
~ ~ ~
Happy Mother's Day to all of you too.

Ciao amici,


sunshine said...

Happy Mother's Day to you as well!
I just recently signed up to receive an alert whenever you post so, I was very excited to see this! :)

I love the homemade gifts as well (I have 4 children). I never thought I would like the MORE than something bought from the store but, I do. (of course I did ask for a Skeleton Key necklace from my husband! :P )

I wish you a wonderful day tomorrow. All the best. :)


Suzanne MacCrone said...

Happy Mother's Day Sunshine! I hope your day was delightful. Thank you for following my blog posts. I am so glad to know you now.

Ciao bella,

Heather said...

I love your banner photo! So fresh and pretty. Hope you had a wonderful mother's day!~

rochambeau said...

Dearest Italian Girl Suzanne,
Hope that YOU had a wonderful Mother's day. Enjoy your gifts of love. Always allow them to come to you!!


Vive Bene ~ Spesso l'Amore ~ Di Risoato Molto!

Now you know ALL of my Italian except ~ Sambuca, Espresso, Pizza, Farfalla, Lasagna, Spumoni, Gelato.


Maija said...

I want to nibble my way through your juicy banner! I received my amore pillow and I adore it!!

Suzanne MacCrone said...

Heather ~ so glad you stopped by.

Constance ~ what about ravioli, linguini, vino...?!!

Maija ~ I am glad you received "my heart" and love it!

Thank you all for your visit. I hope your Mother's Day was delightful.

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