Happy May Day

Wishing everyone a beautiful beginning to this month of May and a Happy May Day.

This was my project last weekend - our newly painted front door.  

I changed it from our butter yellow, which we had for twelve years, to this icy "blue hydrangea" colour.  It is not quite an exact match to our mopheads of Endless Summer hydrangeas in our garden - ours are more of a periwinkle than blue - but...

...I love the coolness of this blue, which will be especially welcomed this summer.

Tradition says that we should leave a basket of flowers on our neighbor's door.

It is such a beautiful Spring day, I think I will roam our garden, pluck some blooms, find a little basket or another container like this one...

...and leave a little surprise next door.

Enjoy your weekend, however you may spend it.
As always, thank you for your visit.

Ciao amici,