On My Bookshelf Now

It is always a privilege to be included in one of Stampington & Company’s publications, but even more meaningful when asked by one of the editors to write your own story.

This happened to me earlier this year and now my story is featured in the Winter 2013 edition of Artful Blogging among the pages of many other vibrant and artful bloggers.

I am so pleased with the selection of photographs that were chosen for this piece ~ so many special ones. I remember making each of these photographs and every detail surrounding each shot.  The "Yellow Wall" in Cabo San Lucas...

 One of my favorite childhood places in Capitola, California; the "Bright Blue Brick Wall" in a small Southern town; "Paradise" in Seaside; my two precious men I captured along the shore on Father's Day last year; and the soft pink peach blossoms in the orchards on the way to our lakeside cottage in rural Georgia... 

Scrumptious ruby red summer raspberries; laundry day in Cortona, Italy; a baby spring lamb nuzzled up to her momma; and the tropical colour of Charleston, South Carolina...

...and my story is straight from my heart.  I hope you will enjoy it.

Thank you Jennifer Jackson Taylor for asking me to write for you and including my story in your Winter 2013 edition of Artful Blogging. It is always a pleasure to work with you!

Other newsy news is that my work was also recently chosen to be included in a new book by Renee Rongen, titled Fundamentally Female.

This book was a collaboration of women from around the world and a collection of tender stories, provocative vignettes, and quotes that expose the soul of womanhood ~ all wrapped up in eclectic artwork by artists from around the world, including one of my photographs.

It’s a wonderful book that reminds me of the book, Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach, which came out many years ago and is of a similar genre. These are the type of books that you can pull down from your book shelf at any moment, read a page or two, and feel inspired by life itself.

As a contributor, I was treated to two complimentary copies of the book {and appropriately gave one to my mother}.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy just click to go to the Fundamentally Female web site. This site also lists all of the artists featured in the book ~ I am sure many of you may {as I did} recognize the names of some favorite Etsy artists on the list.  Thank you Renee Rongen for letting my work be part of this inspirational work of yours!

Happy reading and thanks for your visit, as always.

Ciao amici,