Ripe Bananas

...and a cozy Mexican Courtyard.

Inviting you over to My Front Porch for a little news and some yummy yellows for your weekend.

'Be back next week to show you some sweet vintage garden inspired gifts and decor I've been working on. 

Have a great weekend.

Ciao amici,


http://lasoffitta.canalblog.com said...

Auguro anche a te un buon fine settimana ed una "pigra" domenica :)
Grazie del tuo gentile passaggio, un bacio da Venezia

Suzanne ~ Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Ciao Nadia ~

Grazie and un bacio da Georgia a lei!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

What a super image. :D Vintage garden inspired gifts sound fantastic. I will look forward to your post!


micol said...

Ciao Suzanne, I've found right now that my comment has not been published (I hate my ipad!!!!!!)so even if I'm late I want to thank you to your visit and your comment in my blog, I was very very happy, becouse it has been the real first one!I don't want to follow you secretly, but i'm very "imbranata" (clumsy????) and I don't understand how to become your follower (if you want to teach me that it would be wonderful!!!)Thanks again!!!!Ciao Micol

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