The Art of Photography

I have been taking pictures for a very long time, beginning with my Kodak Instamatic camera I brought with me to Maui as a teenager and as the yearbook photographer in high school. But I believe that I have been truly making photographs for about twenty years.

It has been the art of photography that has captured my interest over the years. The act of making an authentic photograph and work of art with the click of the shutter is fascinating to me. I always felt that if I used a digital camera I would not be honoring the art of photography, but instead relying on technology to make the photograph. I have always considered myself somewhat of a purist in how I approach photography.

I resisted for years purchasing a digital camera and I finally was convinced when the cost of Kodak film and its developing became overwhelming {not to mention it was nearly scarce} when my toddler was toddling all over the place and I was using up all the film on him! So I thought I would give it a shot {no pun intended}.

What an opportunity to be able to take hundreds of photographs, edit along the way, and have a few captures that are just perfect. And because of that I believe that my work has become better {I hope}.  Now there is more spontaneity without the concern of the cost of film and developing or having only one last negative on the roll of film in the camera.  Not to mention, I probably would not have any of my work online or this blog if it were not for my digital camera.

However, even with the use of a digital camera, I still was not a fan of digitally re-mastering photographs. I did not want to, and still do not, depend on the technology of Photoshop or other editing programs to make my photographs better. It is my goal to make them the best they can be without any manipulation.

Now of course, I realize there is an art to merging the two ~ using a beautiful photo and playing with it digitally to create an entirely new image.

So with these photographs I am showing you today, some made with my SLR camera and others made with my digital camera, I have created some new art. I have added layers, textures, filters, borders, and even some text and have altered my original photos.

It’s fun to learn something new and knowing the possibilities are endless with what can be done is exciting. I am not done with this experiment and will continue to play. My next project is to learn how to make pictures using a Holga.  For now, however, I may be making these into Zazzling new products.

Thanks for your visit ~ I hope you like what you have seen today.  I'd love to know what your thoughts are on my new images.

Ciao amici,