Christmas Blues

It's okay to be a little blue...

The colour blue is so peaceful, restful, and refreshing. 

Gorgeous blue skies lift our spirits ~ houses painted aqua blue cool us off in the tropics ~ silvery blue beaded organza ribbons look elegant when tied around candle sticks ~ blue violet velvet and sequin ornaments are opulent when placed simply on a marble mantel ~ chocolate never looked so good wrapped in cobalt blue foil ~ the luminous blue used traditionally for the Madonna is one of the sweetest blues around.

Although this is not a unique idea {creating a mosaic} I have to tell you that I have been most inspired by my friend Vy, who has a beautifully designed blog, Seeking the Muse.  Her "mood boards" are so fabulously put together ~ both with the subjects and the graphics ~ that it's worth some time to stop over for a visit.  So I thought that while we are all decorating our homes for the holidays, I would post a few of my colour collages throughout the month...although I may get hooked and continue to randomly post these "inspiration boards" whenever the "mood" strikes me.

I hope you enjoy.

Ciao amici,


Jennifer Hayslip said...

Beautiful blue post!!! Every photo and written detail is just lovely!!! I love inspiration mood boards...very inspiring!! ;) XOXO,Jenn

Vy said...

Thank you for the sweet words and for the mentioning my blog, Suzanne. Yes, you will get hooked, indeed, when creating these mood boards. :) I love the rich textures and the angel for this post...so perfect for the Christmas holiday! xxoxo. I can't wait to see what else you'll be posting!

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Thank you dear friends ~ I am glad you like my first colour collage. Now I have sugar plums dancing in my head...

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