Out of Africa

We have been doing a little traveling these days…to far away exotic places, where colourful architecture surrounded us...

...and hot pink bougainvillea blooms cascade over walls and rooftops.

and where a welcome spot of shade greeted us.

We did some window shopping, too.

Then we parked our bicycles and took a break for lunch.

Time to "EAT."

The "Best Food in East Africa."

Sunlight and shadows dancing on the facades of ancient dwellings.

We went on an African safari...

...and saw a family of giraffes,

a baby elephant cooling herself off,

flamingos having a pool party...

...and some rhinos snoozing.

Somewhere around these giant boulders are the King and Queen of the desert.

Back to town for a cold drink.

We actually grabbed a few Coronas (in Africa..?). So refreshing and I don't even drink beer!

After our journey, we were back at our camp...

A wonderful place!

~ ~ ~

Ciao amici,

Any photographs you see here and wish to purchase, please e-mail me. They may or may not be listed in my Etsy shop, but are available for sale.


Barbara Jacksier said...

I loved tagging along on your safari-- and laughed my head off at the punch line!

I'm off to the Amalfi Coast and Naples next month (really)!

Probably won't Coronas, alas.

twinkleshabbystar said...

What a SUPER CUTE post!!!! Omigosh! Such fab photos and you really look like you are in another country! tee! hee! FUN!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cara Suzanne,

Thanks for taking me on your "Safari". Loved your camp. Gave me a good laugh. Cute! And fabulous photo - as usual! Enjoy the rest of your "viaggio africano". Bacione e buon week-end, Ingrid

Rusted Wings said...

what a lovely journey!!
blessings continue!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Suzanne! It's okay if you can't show off your space yet. I would love it if you would still pop over and enjoy all the other creative participants.
BTW... your safari looked wonderful!

My Desert Cottage

The Vintage Sister said...

lol! I knew some of those places looked too familiar!
If I wasn't just there recently I would have completely believed it was really Africa.
Thanks, it was fun:)

julie king said...

what stunning photos of such a beautiful place! enjoy your rspite away!

Du Buh Du Designs said...

lol...I was going to ask if I could carry your bags next time and then I saw where you really were:) Great post!

Suzanne said...

So glad that all of you enjoyed the safari!

I hope you will join me for the next journey...where ever that will be. See you soon.

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