Out of Africa

We have been doing a little traveling these days…to far away exotic places, where colourful architecture surrounded us...

...and hot pink bougainvillea blooms cascade over walls and rooftops.

and where a welcome spot of shade greeted us.

We did some window shopping, too.

Then we parked our bicycles and took a break for lunch.

Time to "EAT."

The "Best Food in East Africa."

Sunlight and shadows dancing on the facades of ancient dwellings.

We went on an African safari...

...and saw a family of giraffes,

a baby elephant cooling herself off,

flamingos having a pool party...

...and some rhinos snoozing.

Somewhere around these giant boulders are the King and Queen of the desert.

Back to town for a cold drink.

We actually grabbed a few Coronas (in Africa..?). So refreshing and I don't even drink beer!

After our journey, we were back at our camp...

A wonderful place!

~ ~ ~

Ciao amici,

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