Happy Valentine's Day My Friends

~ ~ ~
Even though it has become so commercial in these past years, it is still a special time around this house. Now with my son in pre-school, I thought I'd be crafty this week, so "we" made some Valentine cards for his class and teachers and baby sitters and grandparents and cousins and uncles...They turned out cute, but my son got bored with the project and I got tired of it! Perhaps next year we will go to the Dollar Store and purchase a box of cards.

For our date night, my husband waits all year for me to cook the "Traditional MacCrone Valentine's Meal" of decadent beef stroganoff that my Mom used to make for all of us when we were children and still makes for my Dad every year. I've changed the recipe just a tiny bit and instead of white mushrooms use shitake mushrooms and baby bellas, which make an incredible difference in the taste. Sour cream, butter, noodles, red wine, all that fattening stuff is in it and it's delicious and my husband always goes for seconds.
{This is why I make it just once a year.}

My heart sparkles...

and is a bit of a puzzle...

...but happy and full.

A few red roses... notes,

a little monkeying around...

for always.

And the rest is up to you.

Have a lovely weekend my friends.

Ciao and tanti baci,