17 November 2017

Historic Macon Design House, Part II ~ A Hideaway Retreat

The tiny 1880s bungalow I wrote about in my previous post for the Historic Macon Foundation Design House {where I designed the bohemian style front porch}, had one special room that had not been chosen by any designer.

So I was asked to also design this room...a room tucked away in the back of the house, in an odd and awkward sort of way, off the kitchen.  Since I already had committed to the front porch, I asked a colleague to join me in redefining this room.

It had many possibilities...

...and we created a tranquil, hideaway bedroom retreat.

 The play of hot pink accents against the serene grayed white canvas walls is a spirited, yet soothing palette, while the balance of the warmer blush tones creates a sense of order and peace.

The integrity of the furnishings honor the history of the home and with the modern mix of contemporary pieces, the room is effortlessly transported into the present.

Strong elements such as the column floor lamp, hand painted grandfather clock, and wood floor juxtapose the delicate lines of the wrought iron bed, chandelier, and French arm chairs.

An ensemble of layered antique mirrors sparkle and reflect the natural light, which comes in from the corner window and illuminates the room.

These elegant and eclectic furnishings and textures create an intriguing contrast with the splash of color in the original artwork and photography.

And at night it's magical.

Bringing the outdoors in through the tall narrow window, with willowy branches crowning the headboard of the bed and top of the window this cozy and breezy retreat tucked away in the back of the house is the perfect “big girl” bedroom that transcends time and is sophisticated enough to be used as a guest room.

I hope that I have given you some inspiration on how to create your own tiny sanctuary in your home or cottage.

Remember, there are no rules.
Design a space, a place, that makes you happy.
Make your vision a reality.

Ciao amici,

13 November 2017

Historic Macon Design House, Part I ~ A Boho Inspired Front Porch

My posts here have been sparse for several seasons - it was necessary for me to step back a bit and take a much needed break for some personal reasons and also recharge my creativity. More recently, my interior design work has kept me happily busy and on job sites, away from my creative writing and posting most days.

So here's a peek at one of my recent design jobs...

This project, for which I volunteered my time, was a design showcase for our local Historic Macon Foundation's Design House in Beall's Hill, a residential area of Macon located near Mercer University, which has undergone a complete gentrification.

The house I worked on was a recently restored tiny bungalow, built in the 1880s.

The front porch was the ideal spot for creating an outdoor living space where the future owners of this historic home would be able to enjoy the neighborhood's new found vitality and in-town vibe.

Decked out in vintage Bayou cobalt blue patio chairs, bohemian inspired blue and yellow embroidered cushions, galvanized containers and lighting, an over-sized daisy photo on gallery wrapped canvas, a bright yellow wrought iron sun face chair, a hand painted vintage dry sink, and accents of monkeys and lemons, this eclectic front porch creates a warm and welcoming spot to hang out on a lazy Sunday morning or weekday evening after work.

The container garden is simple with Shasta daisies, herbs, and evergreens planted in old sap buckets, bird cages, and wire baskets.  Iconic Boston Ferns cascading from above filter the sunlight and add a natural privacy screen to this Deep South porch, while miniature lantern lights illuminate this semi private space at dusk.

A petite kitchen herb garden is planted in the vintage dry sink and the ceiling fan above keeps things cool.

It's all about creating a space that makes you happy and enjoying it with those you love.

Ciao amici,

24 March 2017

Gypsy Garden Girls

About six months ago on a random day I picked up my paint brushes, watercolors, and a roll of canvas paper and began painting...

{My first girl, perky Poppy, painted with watercolor on canvas paper.}

...for the first time in a long while.

{Mod Morning Glory, watercolor on canvas paper.} 

Happy faces.

{Meet Peony, a bright blue eyed Garden Girl, watercolor on canvas paper.}

Gypsy Garden Girls.

{Quirky Autumn, watercolor girl on canvas paper.}

Each one with it's own eponymous Gypsy Garden Girl name.
Named after a flower or season.

{Emerald eyed and harlequin styled Hibiscus, the first Gypsy Garden Girl to grow on gallery wrapped canvas.}

There was not a purpose to this, other than the fact that it helped me get my creative mojo back.  It had been a tough year personally and this turned out to be a sort of "art therapy" for me.  My goal was not to show in a gallery or to sell.  It was just to paint.  And as I was painting one, I was thinking of what the next one I wanted to create would look like - sometimes working on more than one art piece at a time. 

I was painting happy faces.  
And flowers.  
With bold strokes of color.
With emotion.
With expression. 

{Sassy and seductive Camellia, watercolor on canvas.}

I suppose each evolved showing an expression or feeling that I was perhaps emoting at the time I dipped my brush into the syrupy paint on my palette and stroked it onto the paper or canvas.

{Luscious Lily, watercolor on canvas.}

Each has her own savvy signature style.

Then these lovelies started to sell...prints in my Etsy Boutique and through commissions...so I decided to paint the flower girls on gallery wrapped canvas instead of sheets of paper, just in case I have the opportunity to hang them in a gallery show at some point.

{My most recent flower garden girl, Primavera - watercolor on gallery wrapped canvas.}

I have an endless collection of ideas in my head for these Gypsy sisters.  As many ideas as there are flowers in a botanical garden.  More will grow in my studio as the inspiration moves me and time allows.  For now this collection of six savvy sisters is available for sale in my Etsy Boutique and I am adding them to an assortment of licensed items in my Zazzle shop.  

I happily accept commissions - if you have a favorite color or garden flower - let me know and I will paint your girl.

Thanks so much for your visit.

Happy Spring.

Ciao amici,

26 February 2017

A Carpet of Camellias

A little note to say hello...

Hope all of you are having a wonderful winter.  We here in the South are feeling a hint of Spring already.

Been busy working on fabulous interior design projects, getting ready to announce our 2017 dates for Summer Arts Camp, been painting a colorful collection of Gypsy Garden Girls, and thinking that soon I will be returning here on a more regular basis sharing the beauty I see and create.

Ciao amici,
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