The Angels Have Landed

...in a bed of velvet roses surrounded by bouquets fresh tulips!

The sun's rays shine through the window panes, casting seductive shadows on the cherubs, while they ponder the mysteries of love.

Giant pink rosebuds tickle their feet and hearts sparkle.

Secrets are kept in a special box and tiny cups are ready to be filled with love potion.

Cupid is wondering whose heart he will capture next.

During this month of  L O V E, I have filled our home with pink tulips, vintage Valentine's tucked here and there...

...petite wreaths made of white paper roses,

...tiny hand painted antique porcelain dishes large enough for a single chocolate truffle,

...French novels and love stories,

...and pink polka dot paper lanterns dangling from our wrought iron chandelier.

{Special delivery from the statuesque rabbits in the background who happily tote a lavender topiary tree.}

A peek through the paper lanterns and hanging roses for a glimpse of the winter sunshine on our terrace.

Pink tulips, pink hearts, pink cabbage roses, pink candles, pink Valentines...my husband said to me that he had never seen so much  P I N K.

This is the one time of year I indulge in every shade of this beautiful hue...

...and do not worry if the boys in the house get a little blue.

Mr. Pig seems perfectly happy dressed in his pink velvet bow.

Happy Valentine's Day!

~ ~ ~

Sharing the LOVE with some of these friends this Valentine's week.

~ ~ ~

Ciao amici,


Margie said...

You have a gift my dear. Just lovely. Bet the boys are glad when the pink phase is over, LOL!

Suzanne ~ Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Thank you Margie! About another week of PINK, then the daffodils will be taking over!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Delightful touches of pink and romance throughout your home. I chuckled when I saw the flying pig dressed for VD.
Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Suzanne.

Anonymous said...

I love all of your beautiful flowers and I would love to get my hands on those sweet cherubs!

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